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More about Growing, Roasting and Brewing:

The Coffee Industry dates back to long before the 15th century, this magic bean has fueled our days throughout the industrial and modern eras.


From it's humble beginings to it’s almost universal consumption, coffee has become an integral part of our "daily grind". For more information visit  the National Coffee Association and The Speciality Coffee Association of America


In recent years the North American palate has evolved  to appreciate the multitude of new offerings. From small batch roasters tweaking blends and roasting recipes highlighting the subtlities of the finest grown beans, to a "skinny grande upside down caramel macchiato".  To learn more about the fine art of roasting coffee, check out the Coffee Roasting Association of Canada or Roast Magazine


Now adding to the harvesting heritage and the roasting profiles Coffea® can establish a brewing profile for any type of bean and roast. In so doing our coffee brewers allow for the creation of a truly exclusive signature cup of coffee.


Also, check out our very own "Brewed Grounds"  blog for more links, facts, industry leaders & events, as well as many other caffeine inspired ideas!


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