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Pros To Know 2020 Award

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The Champions of Innovation -

                    Readers' Choice Awards 2016

The 2016 Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award winners are consistent with market trends for nutritious, flavorful snacks and beverages; forward-thinking technology; and a premium coffee experience...


This year readers’ votes reflected a move towards a high-quality, premium coffee experience with the win of MARS DRINKS™ ALTERRA® Donut Shop Dark in the hot beverage category and Coffea® NEXT22 Super Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Brewing System in the equipment category.

Coffea Technologies wins National Restaurant Associations prestigious "Kitchen Innovation Award"


Coffea Technologies is proud to annouce it has been named by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) as winner of the Kitchen Innovation Award 2013.


The NRA recognizes annual winners as being providers of innovative equipment aimed at raising the benchmark for outstanding restaurant equipment


Coffea Technologies identified as "Winning Equipment" by the National Culinary Review


The Coffea Automated Vaccuum Brewing System has been identified in a recent publication of the National Culinary Review as a "Must Have" for members of the hosptality and restaurant industries.


" Some equipment can make the difference between an average or excellent result...restauranteurs weigh in on equipment that has helped them stand out in some way"


Coffea® Vacuum Brewing System capable of brewing "SCAA/SCA Gold Cup Standard".



The “Gold Cup Standard” as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is the ideal extraction required to produce a flavor uniformly recognized as an exceptional tasting cup of coffee.


The patented super automatic bean to cup vacuum brewing technology, created by Aleksandar Radosav of Coffea Technologies, has the capacity to produce the "Gold Cup" standard of Coffee, with one touch, consistently in a wide variety of beverage portion sizes.

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